If you don't know who you are anymore, I'm here to help you make sense of it all

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Lost your purpose?

I know how miserable life can be when you’ve lost your sense of direction and you’re feeling:
Self doubt

Like you don’t know who you are

You don’t even know what you want
Things left to themselves rarely become better. If you are feeling insecure now, this might become worse.

Together, we can help you feel better

If you're feeling like its time to sort it out, it probably is. That feeling may be right. It's time to do something.
Counselling can help you regain wellbeing and balance in your life.
Counselling often helps clients to think more clearly, and to make better life decisions.
Counselling can help you understand your own thoughts, feelings and responses better.
Therapy can help overcome feelings of inadequacy.
Counselling can help release your true potential.
Counselling can help increase intimacy with loved ones, and friends.

Here for you

I'm a counsellor and psychotherapist who works with people who feel like you.
I help people just like you, look at who they are, or who they want to be.
Looking at issues doesn’t mean they need to take over. When we explore issues, we can take their power away.
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What next?

I have a straight forward approach ...

What's up

Have a think about what it is that doesn't feel good

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Schedule a call,  you'll get a free 15 minute consultation to talk about what it is you would like to happen

Get together

We get together (COVID safely) and make a plan for getting you on track
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Here for you

I know that you want to be feeling like the real you.
In order to do that, you need to explore the issues which are inhibiting change. The problem is, life throws so much at us, it can be hard to know how, which makes you feel like you're stuck in a place, unable to think clearly.
I believe that the real us is inside all of us. I understand how difficult it must feel, which is why I draw upon methods to help you find some answers.
Here’s how we do it; you think about what needs to change, we schedule a call to talk about how, we arrange to get together to make it happen.
So, schedule a call with me now so you can stop feeling stuck and instead start moving forward again.
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