Let me answer your questions …

There are a number of commonly asked questions on how hypnotherapy can help you. If you have any further questions not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What next?

Simply call me for a conversation, without obligation nor charge. I’m interested in you and will make suggestions about where I feel I can help and we will discuss what that might look like. If you decide you are ready for the next step we can book an appointment and work towards positive or transformative change.

What is hypnosis?

We experience and go in and out of trance daily, without realising. Perhaps in a work meeting minutes can seem like hours. Or watching an enjoyable film which seems to be over in half the running time. Or reading a book and realising that the last page hasn’t registered. These are what we refer to as the everyday nature of trance, experienced by all of us. Hypnosis is a similar state, where you will do nothing outside of your control.


Will I lose or be out of control?

Absolutely not. You will be in control and I will not be controlling you. Hypnosis is regarded as a heightened state of awareness, bringing the openness and inclusion of multiple factors that cognitive, or concentrated thought, may not permit.




How many sessions will I need?

Every client is an individual and presenting challenges differ. Upon consultation we will consider this and design a treatment plan. To truly engage, three sessions are a good commitment for us both to gather a deeper understanding of the issue and relevant next steps. Cognitive Hypnotherapy looks at Neuroscience and Behavioural Psychology with cognitive behavioural patterns, along with trance work, to produce effects in a brief timescale. Typically, many problems can be helped in as little as 3-6 sessions.




What will I need to do?

The level of client participation and willingness to change is directly proportional to the level of therapeutic success. That is: we are both working together to find the solution state. Some of our work will take place in between sessions, as cumulative change takes place.




Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, if they wish to be. Nobody can be hypnotised against their will.




If there is no enemy within, the enemy without can do us no harm.African proverb

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For any other questions, please contact me at lee@leepayton.co.uk or call 07766 480097