If your young person is struggling, I'm here to help them make sense of it all

Counselling and Psychotherapy

It can be miserable ...

Young people can get dragged into the weeds so easily:
Feeling anxious or having panic attacks
Hating who they are, or who they are becoming
Self harming to manage emotions
It's so tough to see the people you love in distress ...

My purpose is to help them feel better

If it feels like enough is enough, it's time to do something. There's a voice telling you it's time to take action and get help.
Through therapy, young people can become more motivated, confident and assertive.
I can help your young person understand the mechanisms of anxiety, to help them manage anxiety more effectively.
Therapy can help develop a greater connection to your young person’s sense of self, and towards others.
Therapy can help with improving and maintaining relationships.
Therapy can help young people realise that being individual and unique, is a key to authenticity.
Counselling can help increase communication skills, leading to greater understanding.

Here for you

I'm a counsellor and psychotherapist who works with young people like yours.
I help them understand strong emotions, and give them new ways of coping. Stronger, braver and more resilient.
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What next?

I have a straight forward approach ...

What's up

Have a talk to them about what's getting them down

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Schedule a call,  you'll get a free 15 minute consultation. You and me first and then we three

Get together

We get together (COVID safely) and I work with them, and find a plan that helps
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Here for your young one

I know that you want your young one back again.
In order to do that, you need them to be coping more resiliently. The problem is being young is tough sometimes which makes you feel like you are failing.
I believe young people can see ways to change. I understand how worried you must feel, which is why I work quickly to give young people the tools to cope.
Here’s how we do it: 1. You speak to them about what's getting them down. 2. We schedule a call, first us two, and then us three. 3. We get together and make the plan a reality.
So, schedule a call with me now. And in the meantime, listen to my MP3 on young people and change. So you can stop worrying that things will get worse and instead start thinking about better days ahead.
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